Ventures by Seabourn™
in Alaska & British Columbia

Seabourn is heading back to Alaska & British Columbia in 2018 with an exciting lineup of guided Ventures by Seabourn shore excursions you won't want to miss. These optional, for-charge, new excursions offer you the opportunity to explore the extraordinary natural beauty and wildlife of The Last Frontier and Canada's Inside Passage via double sea kayak, Zodiac, catamaran and guided hikes.

All of our guests traveling on Seabourn Sojourn will enjoy up-close, enjoyable and eye-opening exploration of this remarkable region. For guests who opt to take one or more of our professionally planned and operated Ventures by Seabourn excursions, that experience will be taken to a whole new level.

Ventures by Seabourn's intimate adventures take you to the heart of the region, right at sea-level or on winding trails in the company of qualified guides. The program also offers informative complimentary lectures by knowledgeable and articulate teams of scientists, scholars, naturalists and more.

Here are the exciting Ventures you can experience this summer:

  • Exploration of Aialik Glacier by Kayak or Zodiac – Expect a depthless experience on pristine water that spreads like a mirror before the prow, with quality time in a habitat brimming with diverse wildlife and surrounded by waterfalls, ice and glaciers. Not uncommon is an opportunity to see a glacier calving during the exploration, sending "bergy bits" crashing into the sea. 
  • Exploration of Holgate Glacier by Kayak or Zodiac – Get acquainted with local wildlife while exploring Holgate Fjord, Holgate Glacier, and surrounding waterfalls.
  • Exploration of College Fjord by Kayak or Zodiac – Available only on the June 16 voyage of Seabourn Sojourn, this adventure explores an area rarely visited by cruise ships.
  • Inian Islands Exploration by Kayak or Zodiac – Cross Sound is one of the main gateways for migratory humpback whales entering the sheltered waters of Alaska, and also where a variety of wildlife make the islands their home.
  • Mendenhall Glacier Adventure Hike (Juneau) – Immerse with a local guide and the Seabourn Sojourn Ventures team to witness an incredible variety of fauna and flora en route to the base of Mendenhall in Juneau. Then don a helmet and, ice conditions permitting, step into the spectacular ice caves of the glacier.
  • Perseverance Trail Hike (Juneau) – Here is a moderate to strenuous foray through the Alaskan temperate rain forest near Juneau that's not to be missed. Learn about local fauna and flora, as well as Alaskan and Native history, including entertaining stories of Juneau's past and the influential Gold Rush era.
  • Davidson Glacier Hike & Zodiac (Haines) – Take a Zodiac ride to Glacier Point just outside of Haines and, after a "wet landing," switch from rubber to hiking or mountaineering boots and follow a local guide through the temperate rain forest. Upon reaching the base of Davidson Glacier, gear up for an exhilarating glacier walk covering more than six miles and rising 180 feet.
  • Moose Meadows Intercoastal Hike & Zodiac (Haines) – This adventure includes a Zodiac ride over Moose Bay in Haines followed by a coastal hike with a local guide along the western side of Chilkat Peninsula that proceeds from Moose Meadows to Twin Coves. The undulating terrain is surrounded by magnificent mountain and glacial scenery.
  • Exploration of Sawyer Glacier/Endicott Arm by Kayak or Zodiac – Legendary scenery, abundant wildlife, waterfalls and boundless beauty wait via Zodiac through Tracy Arm/ Sawyer Glacier. The Zodiacs will allow guests to get close to view the face of the glacier and to hopefully see wildlife, including birdlife, Mountain goats, Sea lions and Harbor seals.
  • Glacier Exploration by Catamaran – See the best of Tracy Arm/Endicott Arm fjords including close-up examination of the majestic Sawyer or Dawes Glaciers, ice conditions permitting, from the comfort of a deluxe, water jet-powered catamaran that is uniquely designed to provide the best-possible views.
  • Rainbow Falls Adventure Hike (Wrangell) – This moderate-to-strenuous hike on Wrangell Island heads into Alaska's temperate rain forest over the Rainbow Trail, a manmade boardwalk that winds through incredible forest scenery en route to magnificent Rainbow Falls. The local guide will share details of natural and human history along the way.
  • Rainbow Falls Adventure Hike - Up & Over! (Wrangell) – All of the above and more, including going over the top of the mountain to explore the other side of Wrangell Island. The hike covers 7.5 miles, with interpretation of natural and human history throughout.
  • Anan Creek - Bear Viewing & Photography (Wrangell) – A bear expert and photography specialist will team up for this ultimate bear-viewing experience – arguably the best Alaska has to offer. The observation platform and photography blind overlook cascading falls with bears standing by to catch jumping fish. Available on select voyages.
  • Exploration of Misty Fjords by Kayak or Zodiac (Rudyerd Bay) – Explore the most remote part of Misty Fjords National Monument, a territory explorer John Muir classed as among the most beautiful places he had ever seen. The narrow far end is not accessible by ship – but it is by Zodiac or kayak. Only a privileged few can claim to have seen the marvelous tribute to the majesty of nature.
  • Misty Fjords Explorer by Catamaran (Rudyerd Bay) – Cruise in luxury aboard one of the fastest sightseeing vessels in Alaska while learning about the natural and human history of this remote and remarkably beautiful wilderness. Highlights include New Eddystone Rock, Rudyerd Bay, "God's Pocket" and "Owl Cliffs," as well as a visit to a rookery amid the mist of glistening waterfalls.
  • Exploration of Finlayson Channel by Zodiac (Klemtu, B.C.) – The ultimate immersive experience in an area unreachable by land. Stay on the lookout for birdlife, Steller sea lions and possibly Humpback whales while soaking up the magnificent scenery all around.
  • Exploration of Klemtu Coast by Kayak (Klemtu, B.C.) – Paddle the waters of British Columbia amidst a wealth of scenery and wildlife. A sheltered area south of Klemtu offers great opportunities to view birdlife and possibly whales.
  • Exploration of Cormorant Marine Park by Kayak or Zodiac (Alert Bay) - Explore one of the best places to encounter Western Canada's prolific wildlife. Navigate the waters and keep an eye out for seals, whales, eagles and more

In addition, we are also offering the Denali Experience, an exclusive and optional, fully escorted five-day Seabourn Journey before of after all our Alaska voyages. This custom-designed overland adventure promises awe-inspiring wonder with luxury accommodations and culinary options. Venturing into the Great Land, you will soar high above glaciers during a sightseeing flight, as well as head deep into the protected wilderness of Denali National Park with a guide to spot grizzly and black bears, wolves, moose, caribou and more!

Enjoy it all in ultra-luxury aboard Seabourn Sojourn whose modest size allows us to offer you the chance to explore many sites, scenes and destinations many other cruise ships can't reach.

For more information about our 2018 season in Alaska & British Columbia and Ventures by Seabourn, please contact a travel professional, call Seabourn at (800) 929-9391 or visit