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Exotic Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific

Dotted across the vast Pacific Ocean are emerald isles reminiscent of lost Eden. Follow the course of the earliest native explorers who spread their cultures by canoe, guided only by the currents, waves and stars. An astonishing variety of sights await you: towering peaks, steaming geysers, sprawling vineyards, mighty fjords, quaint villages, vivid coral reefs and – yes – koalas, kiwis and kangaroos.

Experience these dream destinations on one of our handpicked cruises offering a selection of must-see ports and hidden gems that few travelers get to discover. At the heart of every journey is our sincere desire to connect you with the people and places you visit in a deep and meaningful way. That's why we infuse every voyage with unique experiences like:

  • Special access and deeper insight into UNESCO World Heritage sites through our World Heritage and Discovery tours
  • Regional menus using fresh, local ingredients, and the finest vintages in every region of the world
  • Enlightening Seabourn Conversations with renowned explorers, scholars, performers and other luminaries
  • Specially crafted events and cultural performances in select destinations

Discover the exotic world of the South Pacific on one of our extraordinary itineraries, including:

Seabourn Sojourn

18-Day Isles of Polynesian Paradise
Los Angeles to Papeete
October 15, 2018

16-Day Isles of the Southern Cross
Papeete to Auckland
November 2, 2018

22-Day Landfalls of Captain Cook
Auckland to Sydney
November 19, 2018

36-Day Holiday Australian Exploration
Sydney to Singapore
December 11, 2018

Seabourn Encore

18-Day Orchid Isles & the Coral Coast
Bali to Sydney
December 3, 2018

16-Day Holiday Australia & New Zealand
Sydney to Auckland
December 21, 2018

16-Day Australia & New Zealand
Sydney to Auckland
February 7, 2019

16-Day South Pacific Isles
Round-trip Auckland
January 6; February 23, 2019

16-Day New Zealand & Australia
Auckland to Sydney
January 22; March 11, 2019

32-Day New Zealand & the Coral Coast
Auckland to Bali
March 11, 2019

16-Day The Coral Coast & Orchid Isles
Sydney to Bali
March 27, 2019

For more information about these extraordinary destinations, call Seabourn  at (800) 929-9391 or visit www.seabourn.com.