• Artwork in The Club (from L-R) Spreading of a Wing by Josephine Cardin. Path 1 by Elise Wehle. Eve 07 by Carolina Mizrahi.

  • Luck (+) by Yoo Eui Jeong in Elevator Lobby.

  • Flower Power by Zemer Peled in Elevator Lobby.

  • Migratory Species I, by Barbara Wildenboer in Seabourn Square.

  • Batik Covered Jar and Bowl by Danielle Blade and Stephen Gartner in Elevator Lobby.

  • Birds of America: The Study (on the left) and Modern Family both by Kevin Sloan.

  • Sinou Glass in Observation Bar.

  • Glasswall by Jung Suk Kim in The Atrium.

  • Round Flow by Fenella Elms in Spa & Wellness.

  • Bending Jade Cloud by Rick Eggert in Elevator Lobby.

Unveiling a World-Class Art Collection

Seabourn guests appreciate fine design and beautiful artwork which is why we worked with designer Adam D. Tihany and a team from ArtLink to bring a large collection of sophisticated, fresh and inspiring pieces together for you to appreciate as you wander the ship. As Tihany noted, "While design gives a space identity, art gives it personality. The art collection on Seabourn Ovation is a holistic and intrinsic component of the ship's design. Where each space flows effortlessly into the next, the selected art creates a sense of personality within each appointed area of the ship. Art is an important element of the design experience, especially in places where guests stay for an extended period of time. Sophisticated travelers expect to engage with their surroundings in an intellectual and meaningful way."

In close creative collaboration with designer Adam D. Tihany and Seabourn, the ArtLink team curated, collected and placed over 1,600 artworks by nearly 120 artists on board Seabourn Ovation. Sourced on five continents, the artworks and craftworks on board the ultra-luxury ship are fingerprints of the world's climate, footprints of its flora, fauna and habitat, and imaginary travelers' personal impressions of it.

Works include a Murano glass sculpture piece by Luciano Vistosi, named "Warrior The Second," created in 1991 of polished and hammered lagoon green crystal and located on Deck 4 at the base of The Atrium. In The Grill by Thomas Keller are hand-selected black and white photographs from the 1960s by American icons Eve Arnold, William Helburn and Alexander Liberman, as well as two original lithographs by abstract expressionist Frank Stella. Another notable piece is a one-of-a-kind vase by Korean ceramic artist Yoo Eui Jeong that is displayed in Seabourn Ovation's elevator lobby. The artist uses timeless Korean vase making techniques to highlight the influence of contemporary culture on traditional art forms.

We hope you'll be able to join us on a future voyage to see first-hand this vast art collection that captures the emotional experiences of travel, the fascination in discovering new worlds and cultures in the intimate atmosphere of Seabourn Ovation.

Book your Seabourn Ovation voyage and view our new world-class art collection in person. For more information, call Seabourn  at (800) 929-9391 or visit www.seabourn.com.