Why Do You Love to Cruise?

We asked you to share a few thoughts on why you love cruising. Though the world around us isn’t allowing us to board a ship right now to sail away to our favorite or sought-after destinations, the situation isn’t stopping us from thinking about what we believe is the best overall vacation experience on the market today.

Some cruise super fans on Cruise Critic have also shared their enthusiasm for cruise travel on a new video. Watch it now to see why they, too, can’t wait to sail again.

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Here are some guests’ stories on why they love cruising. Perhaps a few of these stories will inspire you with ideas for an upcoming trip for yourself!

“Why I love cruising?” by Brogan and Alan (NEW)
Both my fiancé and I have been fortunate to have travelled aboard Seabourn several times, and it is our holiday destination at least twice a year. We are in our 30’s and always loved cruising. We come back time and time again as it’s our home away from home. The staff aboard have become good friends and always go above and beyond to make our holiday extra special. That is the Seabourn way.

No matter which ship we sail or the itinerary, we always feel at home. Seabourn caters to all with spectacular entertainment, choice of dining and a wonderful array of beautiful worldwide destinations.

Late 2019 we became engaged in the South of France and celebrated aboard Ovation with friends and the wonderful crew who from start to finish made us feel special. From flowers and gifts to the crew all congratulating us. It was marvellous.

“Why I love cruising?” by Helen

  • It’s the excitement of browsing the latest Seabourn brochure and finding just the cruise heading to the ‘must see’ destinations at the right time of the year.
  • It’s the planning of the flight, stopovers before and after the cruise.
  • Our holiday starts the minute we check in at the Seabourn desk and are warmly greeted by often familiar faces of the crew.
  • It’s then the first lunch on board before we discover the delights of our Seabourn cabin – home away from home for so many nights or weeks and working out what goes where when unpacking.
  • Exploring the ship and seeing who is on board that we know from previous Seabourn cruises – staff and passengers.
  • It’s the feeling of being surrounded by luxury and comfort and being absolutely pampered by Seabourn staff.
  • It’s the itinerary and time spent in port.
  • It’s the thought of planning our 15th Seabourn cruise, perhaps in 2021 or 2022 – COVID-19 allowing.


“Why I love cruising?” by Lesley
And, those wonderful relaxing sea days – with endless sea which meets the sky — will we see dolphins, flying fish and if very lucky, a whale?

Fascinating ports of call — a fly-drive without packing and unpacking. Going off the ship for the day and returning to the Pool Bar for a glass of Champagne. Shows around the pool and in the theatre. Champagne and cocktails poolside and pre-dinner drinks in the Observation Lounge listening to somebody tinkling on the ivories — all delivered by the wonderful Seabourn boys and girls. The joys of playing with the water toys …. And when we want a quiet night in — room service delivered by lovely crew who want to set up the table for dinner, but smile when we say ‘no thank you,’ we want a picnic and watch a movie!

“Why I love cruising?” by Odette and Danny
Over the years, my husband and I have been very fortunate to travel many times with Seabourn. First on the small ships, then on the bigger ones and finally on Encore and Ovation. The more we cruised, the more it felt as a home coming each time we boarded one of the Seabourn vessels. The friendly and dedicated crew welcoming you on board, the on board luxury of the ships, the feeling of being part of a big and happy family. Cruising allows you to travel the world, to visit different places you normally can't visit in one trip. Furthermore, you can experience local life and traditions and most important, you know you will return to the luxury of the ship at the end of the day after each excursion. While cruising, you will also make new and interesting friends. People like you that like to travel in comfort and luxury. You will be able to get acquainted and have drinks or dinners together. If you're not the social kind of person, there are many spots on the roomy Seabourn ships where you can read a book, listen to your preferred music or simply relax. Because they are professionally trained, the crew will from the beginning of the cruise address you personally and know your preferences. Different dining opportunities, casual or formal, will make your stay on board a thing to remember. The overall experience will effectively help you to get addicted to this “home away from home.”

“Why I love cruising?” by Stefan
There are a multitude of reasons why I love cruising. Primarily I think it is simply the finest way to see our incredible world in incomparable luxury with fascinating like-minded fellow travellers. From the sheer variety of ship size and itineraries, to having only to unpack once and service and cuisine that far transcends even the finest of luxury hotels, luxury cruising is easy to love and to fall in love with. Not only is cruising a far superior experience to a land holiday it also provides astounding, peerless value for money. Nothing compares and as our magnificent oceans cover over 70 percent of our precious and spectacular planet, cruising is the only way to secure our credentials as truly global travellers and to benefit from all of the richness that this brings to our lives.

“Why I love cruising?” by Samuel
I love being on the water, waking up to a different spectacular view each day. Ahead, a day full of choices; to be enriched, engaged, entertained... or to just relax and have that ultimate luxury - some time to find myself. By evening, so many choices for cuisines from around the world, and atmospheric spots for a cocktail with friends with great live music. This is why I love cruising!

“Why I love cruising?” by Marcie
Cruising allows each one of us to travel to places perhaps unreachable by any other manner. The absolute stark beauty of Antarctica was enhanced by the phenomenal Expedition Team on our Seabourn voyage. With over 26 experts in different fields, all the passengers had a unique insight and heightened experience in the comfort of a deluxe and comforting ship. To be able to land on South Georgia Island, in the midst of almost 500,000 breeding penguins, was an unbelievable and transforming event. The true cruise experience enhances, educates and challenges all passengers to appreciate our world in a very special and unique way.


“Why I love cruising?” by William D.
My wife Carol and I took our first Seabourn cruise in 2006. We immediately fell in love with cruising, especially on Seabourn. It was the service, the staff, the elegance of the ship, dressing for dinner, the food, but, it is the throwing open of the curtains every morning to gaze out on a new port that we fell in love with. Then it was the excitement of seeing what the port offers. This is Seabourn. We have made many friends traveling on Seabourn, both guests and staff, over the years. It is always fun to see them when we cruise.

Last year was the first year since 2006, we could not cruise on Seabourn as we had 2 new Springer pups who could not be left at home. Then, this year due to the virus. But, we will be back onboard in 2021.

To All Cheers! See you in 2021

“Why I love cruising?” by Doris W.
For me it’s the very best way to travel. If my destination can be reached by sea, I move into my temporary home, and see the world. With Seabourn, I am pampered and taken care of and am able to stop and get off the ship and enjoy many places around the world.


“Why I love cruising?” by Tony
At 73 years, and with a positive mindset, I take a simple approach to life. I try to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of every second. In regard to cruising, this starts with the anticipation and selection of the cruise, sometimes we choose our cruise by its destinations and occasionally we want to try a specific vessel. Great enjoyment and a lot of time goes into the initial choice and then there is the wonderful expectation of what is to come. Seabourn never disappoints with superb ships and great food, great itineraries and above all wonderful and friendly staff. Very disappointed to have this year’s cruise cancelled but eagerly anticipating the next.

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