New Seabourn Expedition Experiences

Seabourn Venture is designed and purpose-built specifically for exploring in unprecedented elegance and ease in the most coveted and unspoiled destinations on Earth. We invite you to experience a new era of ultra-luxury expedition travel combining authentic, exhilarating adventures in remote destinations with the uncompromising sophisticated amenities of the world’s finest resorts at sea.

Equipped for exploration, Seabourn Venture’s two six-person custom-built submarines offer guests unique and unforgettable undersea experiences. Piloted by experienced and licensed Expedition Team submariners, these engineering marvels are capable of transporting guests beneath the surface, offering breathtaking views of everything from the surreal subsea realms beneath Antarctic waters and plunging underwater cliffs in fjords. These exceptionally rare experiences are available for an additional charge in select destinations. We are thrilled to offer Seabourn Venture guests an exciting range of new Expedition Experiences in two remarkable regions — The Arctic and Antarctica.

The Arctic
Experience the Arctic’s colorful beauty, from ice-blue glaciers and lush green tundra to towering peaks blanketed in white. Seabourn Venture guests will awaken each day ready for another unforgettable adventure: gliding in a Zodiac® under cliffs teeming with millions of nesting seabirds or kayaking among tall, stately icebergs, observing whales, walrus, seals, reindeer, musk oxen and more that fill this remote region with life. Explore breathtaking fjords, immense Icelandic waterfalls, the grandeur of Greenland’s glaciers and polar bear-haunted beaches in remote Baffin Bay and Nunavut.

From ice-flanked waterways to a rare look at wildlife, the southernmost continent is a place of pristine beauty. Seabourn puts this distant world right at your fingertips: built to PC6 Polar Class standards, Seabourn Venture can effortlessly withstand the area’s weather conditions, and inside, an ultra-luxury environment ensures total comfort at every stage of the journey.

The Antarctic Experience — Seabourn Expeditions: Diving Antarctica by Submarine*
Join the very few people who have explored the little-known underwater realm of Antarctica. The first dive ever was made here only in 1902 by Willy Heinrich during the Drygalski expedition, who wore a brass diving helmet and lead boots. Instead of such difficulties you can now gaze in comfort from your seat into the frigid waters where creatures struggle to survive and grow. If you are lucky, you might see krill, the most important zooplankton species in this ecosystem upon which so many other creatures depend. Brittle stars, salps or sea urchins may make an appearance. Take the time to appreciate that whatever you encounter, you are in a place on this earth where very few people have ever been.

*Please note: Submersibles are sensitive to bad weather and dives can be cancelled at a moment’s notice. You will need to be able to negotiate several steps on a vertical ladder to enter and exit the sub. An accurate weight of each participant including the gear (cameras, etc.) being brought into the sub is required for the pilot to calculate safe diving parameters. Minimum age is 8. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information about Seabourn Venture’s 2022-2023 inaugural season and new Expedition Experiences, please contact a travel advisor, call Seabourn at (800) 929-9391 or visit