Seabourn Venture’s Extraordinary Submarines

Sail Seabourn Venture to experience a new era of ultra-luxury expedition travel combining authentic, exhilarating adventures in remote destinations with the uncompromising sophisticated amenities of the world’s finest resorts at sea. Both Seabourn Venture and her yet-to-be-named sister ship are designed and purpose-built specifically for exploring in unprecedented elegance and ease in the most coveted and unspoiled destinations on Earth.

A new and exciting offering will be two custom-built submarines carried on board, providing an unforgettable view of the world beneath the ocean’s surface.

Designed and equipped for exploration, these two six-person submarines offer guests unique and unforgettable undersea experiences. The technologically advanced submarines built by U-Boat Worx B.V. (The Netherlands) will have:

  • Interiors luxuriously furnished with custom-embroidered upholstery, dual air conditioning systems, Bluetooth stereo sound and a Champagne cooler
  • Two transparent spheres with seating for three guests each
  • Seating platforms that swivel 280 degrees for easy viewing on all sides
  • The capability of multiple dives a day to depths up to 300 m/1,000 feet at 3 knots speed
  • Powerful exterior lights to reveal full color range and highlight a fascinating underwater world
  • HD videocam systems to record inside and outside action for later projection and souvenirs
  • A six-function remote arm that can be used to manipulate or retrieve objects outside the sub

Piloted by experienced and licensed Expedition Team submariners, these engineering marvels are capable of transporting guests beneath the surface, offering breathtaking views of everything from the surreal subsea realms beneath Antarctic waters and plunging underwater cliffs in fjords. Learn more about our new submarines here.

Upcoming Voyages
We are thrilled to offer Seabourn Venture guests an exciting range of new Expedition Experiences including these rare underwater experiences, when the ship departs for her inaugural voyage on April 10, 2022, exploring the United Kingdom in an unprecedented way with a 12-day Wild & Ancient British Isles voyage from Greenwich (London), England, to Leith (Edinburgh), Scotland. The ship will then sail on a 12-day Scottish & Norse Legends Expedition out of Leith (Edinburgh) on April 22, 2022, exploring the coastal beauty of Scotland and Norway enroute to Tromsø, Norway. For those who can’t get enough of expedition cruising with Seabourn, combine the two new itineraries into a 24-day British Isles & Norse Legend Expedition voyage. For the even more adventurous, combine the two new itineraries with the following 11-day Svalbard Exploration sailing for an epic 35-day Expedition voyage.

Seabourn Venture’s Svalbard Experience voyages, sailing between Tromsø, Norway and Longyearbyen (Oslo), Norway, will depart between May 4 and July 27, 2022. Located halfway between Norway's North Cape and the North Pole, the islands of Svalbard offer a dramatic setting to explore on our ultra-luxury, purpose-built expedition ship. Riding in Zodiacs and paddling kayaks, observing from the decks and trekking on the islands themselves, guests will experience and explore this isolated, unspoiled and breathtakingly beautiful place during the endless days of its short, exuberant summer on board our newest ship during her inaugural season. Learn more about the Svalbard Experience cruises and see current fares on

Seabourn Venture’s exciting new voyages, now available for booking, offer a completely new perspective of beloved destinations. With a rich variety of ports, visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites, charming villages and majestic islands.

Expedition Experiences
Seabourn Venture will provide a wide range of inclusive excursions at nearly every destination it visits. Guests may enjoy included Expeditions, such as hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and Zodiac® cruising. In addition to included Shore Excursions, the ship will also offer optional Expeditions with kayaking and its two custom-built submarines at select destinations for an additional charge.

The ships’ knowledgeable, world-class 26-person Expedition Team of scientists, scholars and naturalists will operate and lead all of the Seabourn Expedition experiences. On Seabourn Venture’s first two voyages, the following Expedition experiences are scheduled for in‑depth exploration:

  • Ålesund, Norway — via kayak and submarine
  • Baile Mór, Iona, Scotland — via Zodiac landing and kayak
  • Brønnøysund, Norway — via kayak
  • Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly, UK — via kayak and submarine
  • Isle of Runde, Norway — via Zodiac cruise, kayak, and submarine
  • Mousa, Shetland Islands, Scotland — via Zodiac landing and kayak
  • Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland — via Zodiac cruise and kayak
  • Skarsvåg, Norway — via kayak, and submarine
  • Staffa, Scotland — via Zodiac cruise, kayak, and submarine
  • Svolvær (Lofoten), Norway — via Zodiac landing, kayak and submarine
  • Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland — via Zodiac landing and kayak
  • Trollfjord, Norway — via Zodiac cruise

Be among the first to experience the perfect combination of adventure and ultra-luxury. With Seabourn Venture you won’t just visit extraordinary places you will experience them with all five senses.

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