Join Us to Create Arctic & Northern Europe Expedition Memories

Make 2024 the year you experience an Arctic and Northern Europe Expedition. Watch as windswept islands, captivating wildlife, and otherworldly landscapes unfold across the Arctic and the British Isles.

What’s it like to experience a Seabourn Arctic expedition? On our ultra-luxury expeditions, our guests' favorite Seabourn Moments are often the unplanned or unexpected. Many itineraries are described only as "experiences" so that our Expedition Team can actively curate a voyage that is personalized, and sure to move you closer and deeper to wildlife, history, and new cultures than ever before.

This past season, guests on board Seabourn Venture on our Arctic Expeditions enjoyed a number of truly magical moments, which we wanted to share with you.

Some favorite moments from our 2023 season:

Polar Plunge
Guests had a truly immersive Arctic experience while sailing on Seabourn Venture when they took the polar plunge into the region’s crisp, sparkling waters. The moment comes and goes quickly, but guests returned to the comfort and warmth of Seabourn Venture with smiles that lasted all day.

Polar Bear Sighting
As guests cruised the fjords of Scoresby Sund via Zodiac®, one of the Arctic’s most exceptional creatures roamed the shore—a polar bear. Admiring from a distance, guests were enthralled with this first polar bear sighting as it hunted for its meal.

Calving Glaciers
In Greenland, guests were greeted by the very active Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier and even took a closer look on Zodiacs, cruising around the brash ice and watching the majestic glacier calve.

Luxuries On Deck
Guests took in the unspoiled natural beauty of the Prince Christian Sound while indulging in Champagne and caviar on deck.

First Ship
In June, Seabourn Venture sailed through Matu Passage in southern Greenland, one of the narrowest passages in this region. She was the first ship of this size to receive permission to go through.

Join us in 2024 for even more adventures in the Arctic aboard Seabourn Venture!

14-Day Legend of The Icelandic Sagas
Round-trip Reykjavík
Aug 16, 2024

Visit colorful remote villages and cascading waterfalls that will take your breath away. Hike along volcanic craters and soak in soothing hot springs. Zodiac up dramatic fjords, kayak along seabird island sanctuaries, and dive beneath the ice-choked water’s surface in a custom-built submarine.

Additional Seabourn Venture Expeditions in the Arctic, include:

14-Day Scotland & Norwegian Fjords
Leith (Edinburgh) to Tromsø
May 26, 2024

12-Day Svalbard - Beyond the North Cape
Tromsø to Edinburgh
Jun 9, 2024

11-Day Arctic Svalbard Summer Expedition
Edinburgh to Tromsø
Jun 19, 2024

23-Day Arctic Svalbard Immersion
Round-trip Edinburgh
Jun 19, 2024

12-Day Svalbard - Beyond the North Cape
Tromsø to Edinburgh
Jun 30, 2024

15-Day Spectacular Svalbard & Greenland
Edinburgh to Reykjavík
Jul 10, 2024

11-Day Iceland Circumnavigation
Round-trip Reykjavík
Jul 25, 2024

22-Day Iceland Circumnavigation & Fjords of East Greenland
Round-trip Reykjavík
Jul 25, 2024

11-Day Fjords of East Greenland
Round-trip Reykjavík
Aug 5, 2024

25-Day East Greenland & Legend of The Icelandic Sagas
Round-trip Reykjavík
Aug 5, 2024

15-Day Glaciers, Fjords & Indigenous Cultures
Round-trip Reykjavík
Aug 30, 2024

15-Day Greenland & The Canadian Arctic
Reykjavík to St. John’s
Sep 12, 2024

Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary region in ultra-luxury. For more information, please contact a travel advisor, call Seabourn at (800) 929-9391 or visit