Handré Potgieter and Ross Roberts to Host Special Cruises

We are excited to announce that two of your (and our) most beloved Seabourn team members, Handré Potgieter and Ross Roberts, will be hosting upcoming special cruises.

Ross will celebrate his 40th birthday on board Seabourn Encore from October 11-22, 2023 while sailing the 11-Day Glories of Ancient Greece round-trip Piraeus (Athens) voyage. If you are not able to join him in person for this epic celebration, be sure to wish him happy birthday!

Handré, after spending a few years on shore, has decided to host two special cruises because he missed you all so much. So, Seabourn is letting him “off the hook” from his shoreside big job for just a short time to share his talents with you all. He will be hosting the 14-Day Atlantic Coast Harbors sailing from Montréal to Miami from October 24-November 7, 2023 on board Seabourn Quest. Handré then plans to host a special music cruise on our 12-day Atlantic Passage sailing aboard Seabourn Ovation from April 14-26, 2024 as it goes from Miami to Lisbon to remind you all of his musical talents (and his fabulous bowties) that you all have gotten to love over the years.

These voyages promise to be a unique experience for you to share good times and Seabourn Moments with them, as Handré and Ross bring their special touches and personal magic to your Seabourn experience.

For more information about joining Ross and Handré on these special sailings, please contact a travel advisor, call Seabourn at (800) 929-9391 or visit www.seabourn.com.